Edinburgh Cannons 18 - Edinburgh Giants 3

Cannons game report - The score doesn't reflect how well played this game was through the first 7 innings. Both teams went scoreless in the first before Gilberto Martinez lead off with a walk in the second, stole second and scored as Dale "Turtle" Lunn knocked him in giving the Cannons the early 1-0 lead.  Giants tried to get something going in the bottom of the 2nd, but a quick 1-4-3 double play dashed their hopes.

Glasgow Galaxy 12 - Edinburgh Giants 15

Game report Giants

Glasgow Galaxy visited Edinburgh for the first meeting of the 2 teams this year after a rain out earlier in the season. This meant that Galaxy were home team in the first game.

Edinburgh Giants 7 - Glasgow Comets 11

Comets Report:

The Scottish National League continues to push the boundaries of the possible weather to play baseball in. Today saw 4 seasons in one day as torrential rain was mixed with glorious sunshine and the odd gale force wind. The baseball players soldiered on however despite a couple of rain stoppages and delivered another eventful game between the Edinburgh Giants and a Glasgow team.

Edinburgh Giants 4 - Edinburgh Diamond Devils 11

Devils Report:

The Devils took on the Giants today at Bobby Thomson Field looking to build on their solid start to season so far. Hsin-Yen started on the mound for the third straight game and after a 123 top of the first, the Devils got to work at the plate. For a moment it looked like they may tally up the runs quickly.